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Robbery of Verona Booth

Robbery of Verona Booth

There was a break-in at the Verona Booth.


Christmas time – break time. When people visit relatives, thieves come. She also met TV icon Verona Booth on Christmas Eve.

Verona Booth She and her family were shocked on Christmas Eve: the Burglars entered their villa in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf and stole jewelry, cash, and designer bags.

“I feel defenseless like a tortoise that has had its shells removed,” said the Bild am Sonntag (“BamS”) presenter. The thieves had stolen hundreds of thousands of euros. “All my Cartier wedding jewelry is gone,” said the 53-year-old. The inheritance was also stolen.

She celebrated Christmas Eve with her husband Frango, 52, and their two sons, San Diego and Rocco as their husbands. When the family got home around 11 p.m. Friday night, there were broken pieces in front of the house and their pickup was no longer in their parking lot. “Frango broke into the house at once,” said Verona Booth, but the thieves had already left. “I was so shocked that I just shivered and couldn’t call 110.”

Safely torn off the wall

Thieves wreak havoc. The mediator said, “I was in every room (…) I ripped out drawers and searched everything.” They even ripped a locker firmly attached to the wall, dragged it across the house, and then took it away in Booth’s car.

The day before, thieves had attacked a neighbour’s house, a friend of the family. When she got home from snowboarding with Booth’s son Rocco, he was still face to face with the thieves – but the thieves simply escaped. The two families assumed it was the same gang of thieves.

Neuss police confirmed their intrusion. It remained open whether they were committed by the same perpetrators. The investigation continued on Sunday. A spokesman said there was no evidence of the perpetrators.