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Rivian: Great Britain and the Netherlands are negotiating over electric car plants

The Elektroauto-Startup Rivian Considered one of the best funded start-ups In the electric motion scene. As Rivian has recently learned, money does not seem to solve all challenges. The company is currently trying to speed up the release of R1S and R1T. Plans for Europe also seem to be moving forward. Great Britain and the Netherlands are currently vying for Rivian’s attention.

In Europe, e-start-up is currently looking for a suitable location for a plant, In which, among other things, electric vans for the online giant Amazon can exit the assembly line. According to rumors, Rivian is said to have considered Germany as the manufacturing location of e-vans. Other locations outside the EU are also being considered. It is now clear that England and the Netherlands in particular have a particular interest in the Rivian factory in their home country.

As for the Netherlands, the acquisition of the VDL Nedcar manufacturing plant is on the agenda. Many BMW / Mini series are currently being manufactured from the assembly line at BMW’s Leipzig plant from 2023. Then it is important for the plant owner, VDL Groep, to use the available capabilities. 4,500 people want to get a job. Rivian has enough staff to manufacture electric vans and electric pick-ups and electric SUVs. According to various reports, the Rivian delegation is scheduled to visit the Bourne plant in December to prepare the ground for a decision.

On behalf of VDL Nedcar, it is said that firm talks are underway with both parties. Besides Rivian, this is likely to be the Emobility Startup Canoe, Whose introductory electrician will have to remove the assembly line from their plant from 2022 onwards. However, from their side, it currently says: “Due to developments in VDL Nedcar, we do not currently consider finalizing the contract or agreement with VDL Nedcar for the preparation of the contract.” It is not yet known where Canoo will find an alternative to its product.

Rivian, for his part, may already have a replacement up to his sleeve; Negotiations with Gravity, a corporate complex near Bristol, have been ongoing since the summer of 2021. Here, however, Rivian must begin production, as well as train newly hired staff. In the UK view, it would be more desirable to have e-car manufacturers in their home country. Wii “Sky News” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to have sent a letter to Rivian CEO RJ Skaring.

In it, the Prime Minister assured the start-up that government officials have been instructed to create a “temporary incentive”. Johnson prefers to use the “Special Development Order” (SDO), which is a very rarely used legal tool to implement quick planning decisions. From Sky News’ point of view, the desire to use SDO speaks for itself “Importance of the Plan for Great Britain”. However, the report did not disclose the purpose and activities of the US start-up funding package.

Source: – The Netherlands wants Rivian’s European plant