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Rito Shearer leads the show “Attention, Rito, Los!” private interviews

New action program from Blick TV titled “Attention, Rito, Go!”

“I have no idea what to expect”

He is professional, eloquent and entertaining. But how does Blick TV host Rito Scherer, who has a fear of heights, behave on a fire brigade’s revolving ladder? Like publishing series with Gölä? He showed this in the new show “Achtung, Reto, los!”.

Publication date: 04/25/2022 at 00:07


Updated: 21 minutes ago

On the chainsaw with dialect rocker Gölä (53), dumping with pop star Francine Jordi (44) or on the rotating staircase for the fire brigade with former bachelorette Adela Smajic (29). Rite coordinator Reto Scherer (46 years old), who is afraid of heights, gave the most unusual interviews in Switzerland with celebrities. He knows who to expect. But not the challenge he has to face. The new motion show “Achtung, Reto, los!” begins. Tuesday evening. on TV. “Not knowing what’s going to happen is very exciting and frightening,” Thurgo says.

In the first episode, Gula goes into the forest, he needs firewood. “It is interesting that the stars reveal themselves in their environment or in a place completely unfamiliar to them,” says Shearer, who has known the musician for 25 years. An episode he’ll never forget: “After a concert we went out for some beer until morning. When he was long gone, a dog suddenly barked under the table. he forgot. So I looked for his hotel and brought him to him.”