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Riders Republic has been postponed again – only now in October

The online wild sports game Riders Republic is set to appear at a later date. Source: Ubisoft

Ubisoft recently announced it’s the new sports game Republic of Riders will move again. This means that there are two great Ubisoft titles that are not keeping their schedule. In addition to the Riders Republic, the PvE launch has also been delayed rainbow six extract – He won’t come out until next year.

Riders Republic is an ambitious project. The multitude of sports, lots of action, and the huge lineup of simultaneous players should revolutionize the genre and make the steep heir to the cliff a huge advantage. Rider Republic was supposed to launch earlier this year, but it was released as part of E3 2021 Postponed to September.

The extra time is clearly not enough for the developers. As stated in a recent release from Ubisoft:

We all can’t wait to hit The Republic in the next beta! This will be the first time you’ll get your hands on this massive multiplayer stadium and we look forward to hearing what you think.

To make sure we can deliver the best game for all players, we have made the difficult decision to move the release date from September 2nd to October 28th. This gives us more time to fine-tune the game and gives you another opportunity to participate and give us feedback before it’s released. We’ll be reporting more on this soon – stay tuned! “

Riders Republic should be released on October 28. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the developers so they can keep this release date, because the game so far looks really promising.

Current Republic Riders Trailer: