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Reveal baby news thanks to Sylvia Woolney?

Reveal baby news thanks to Sylvia Woolney?

Sarafina and Lenny: Baby hammer?

This ensured that well-known extended family fans had been busy collecting clues and clues for weeks. Theories range from Sylvana Wollny to Estefania and Lavinia to Calantha or Sarafina Wollny, but they remain silent.

But mum Sylvia Woolney of all people was able to provide the crucial proof recently through an Instagram video, in which she revealed that she and some of her children will be returning to Turkey soon. was the family returned to Germany Because Harald Elsenbast’s mother is dead. But in the short clip, the 57-year-old offered a meaningful hint:

We will definitely be going there again in the near future because we love it there so much – as well as a huge part of the family. A family surprise is also included. Simply let yourself be surprised.

It is not excluded that the “surprise” will be one of the unborn children. However, the fact that the past Only Loredana, Estefania and Sarafina Wollny Wanting to immigrate to Turkey will narrow the circle of potential pregnant women a little. Since Loredana’s pregnancy has already been revealed, Sarafina and Estefania have remained – Estefania Wollny has just appeared skinny and thin on the network, while her older sister is already No longer showing “entirely” on Instagram – Maybe also a reason?