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Returning to Australia gave me new strength

Returning to Australia gave me new strength

( – Daniel Ricciardo was able to recharge his batteries during the winter in Australia. Although he had to spend two weeks in isolation, he returned home “motivated” for the new Formula 1 season.

Daniel Ricciardo went home during the winter break

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Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic and related travel restrictions, Daniel Ricciardo has not been able to visit his home or visit his family since June 2020.

Especially in the first half of the 2021 season, when the Australians experienced some tough moments, home depression did not improve, McLaren Driver explained late last year.

Ricciardo was able to return to Australia only after completing Test drives in Abu Dhabi. However, he had to be isolated there for two weeks due to state regulations. But when the new MCL36 was unveiled last Friday, Ricciardo explained that spending time at home was mentally good. At the same time, he will be “fine” due to the break.

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“I was happy to be back,” Ricciardo said. “Looking at the roof of my hotel room for two weeks was not easy, but it was great when I finally came out and hugged Mom and Dad. I was home for four weeks after the isolation. I spent most of my time with my family. At that time I was doing nothing better, I was relaxed. “

“It gave me the strength I needed. In the end, it’s always hard to say goodbye and leave. [bei der Familie] Longing. “

But even during the isolation, Ricciardo maintained his training program during these two weeks by working very closely with his coach Michael Italino. He even had a fitness bike in his hotel room.

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However, with the Australian Grand Prix set to take place in Albert Park in April, Ricciardo will not have to wait long to return to Australia. The opening game of the 2020 season in Melbourne was canceled just hours before the start of free training and no racing took place last year, making it the first Formula 1 race to take place at Albert Park after 2019.

Ricciardo is “optimistic” about Formula 1 returning to Australia. He also looks forward to testing the revised route system in Melbourne.

“I’m so excited to be home. The new layout of the track is certainly fantastic to make it easier to overtake. With new cars, we can run a different Grand Prix than the one in Melbourne. Years of past experience,” says Ricciardo.