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Results of the first election round of the Ecuadorian official – Brenza Latin

The data was released by the CNE from the port city of Guayaquil, after certifying that no administrative or jurisdictional resolution resolution was pending before the CNE or the Electoral Dispute Tribunal for the decisions of the Presidential Bipartisanship.

According to the study, the Union War La Esperanza (UNES) pair, a progressive coalition formed by Andres Arras and Carlos Rabascal, topped the list with three million 33 thousand 791 valid votes, equivalent to 32.72 percent of the total vote.

In second place was Guillermo Lasso-Alfredo Porero of the center-right coalition CREO-Christian Social Party, with 1,830,172 votes in favor, 19.74 percent.

The Yahoo Perez-Virna Sedeno bipolar was pushed to third place with 1,798 thousand 57 voters, up 19.39 percent.

Therefore, the second round, or ballot, on April 11 will be between Union For Hope (Younes) Coalition candidate Andres Aras, 1-5 lists, and Cryo 21 candidate Guillermo Lasso. BSC-6 alliance ‘, said in a press release.

Following the release of the data, the highest election body announced that it would begin printing the ballot for the second presidential round, a move in charge of the Military Geographical Institute (IGM).

In this regard, as in the first round, the documents will have three levels of security, which include visible elements such as security offset printing, borders and kilos (repetitive pattern engraving technique), micro lines and monetary elements.

Among them are micro-texts and symbols, forensic guarantees are strictly known by the IGM, and they can only be revealed through an investigation to determine a possible lie.

As for the ballot, the CNE will not force people to go to the polls in the morning, even if it is the final number of the identity document, in the afternoon, if odd, as it did in the February 7 poll, the idea does not work.

Meanwhile, the election campaign of the two political bodies that will elect the president and vice president of the country began last March 16, and the positions are to be held until May 24.

At the same time, CNE councilors are visiting the rain-affected areas with the current winter to check the condition of polling stations and guarantee everything for the election nomination.

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