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Restart only with fully vaccinated drivers

As the 2021 season of Australian supercars resumes at Sydney Motorsport Park at the end of October, access to the race track will be granted after individuals have been fully vaccinated against the Covit-19. While the series organizers reject the mandatory vaccination for drivers and team members, local authorities are willing to recognize only four times the incidence of the race track formerly known as Eastern Creek under 2G conditions.

“That’s what the current health goal says,” said Sean Seamer, CEO of Supercars Australian edition of ‘’. “The health target will be dispatched tomorrow [Supercars] Commission and committees were dispatched. ”

Supercars will be the first major racing series in which complete vaccine safety is a condition of participation. Series boss Seamer firmly believes this will not be an obstacle, at least from a corporate perspective.

“Some are waiting for their second dose, but the plan is to finish it all by the end of next month,” he says. “We have a little more work to do before we start at Sydney Motorsport Park, but now with a month left we will speed up the process.”

When asked what happens to drivers who refuse to be vaccinated, Seamer said, “Ultimately, it’s your personal choice, the team owner will decide who will drive the car if they can not go to New South. Wales.”

Currently, the restriction only applies to four events scheduled for October 31 to November 21 in Sydney, and the season will continue after a three-month mandatory break as a result of the lockout in Australia. The situation is different for Bathrust 1000, the final of the season on December 5th.

“To be clear about the vaccine, we follow the rules that apply in New South Wales,” Seamer said. “As of December 1, there is no mandatory vaccination to attend Bathrust – stop now.”

Mark Horsberg, with Edge Photography pictures.

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