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Resignation No. 2: Severe management crisis at the Swiss Central Bank

The Swiss National Bank raised its balance sheet tenfold to 1,000 billion. Now the inflation rate is rising, the central bank will have to raise interest rates, but this would collapse the house of cards.

Those responsible for this policy are noisy. This morning the Swiss National Bank announced the departure of the Vice President for its three-man leadership. Fritz Zurbrough, a government employee in Bern and a gentleman at the Swiss central bank since 2012, by mid-2022.

So, Zubrügg is only 62 years old – there is no retirement age. But the important central bank governor has a weak heart. He had surgery recently.

High Debt: Who Will Take Charge? (Swiss National Bank)

Like his boss, Swiss National Bank President Thomas Jordan. He also went under the knife, it is also because of a weak heart.

Two of the three Swiss Franc masters in Ops recently, one is now jumping off the bridge. The bank does not say anything about the succession. This point was not definitively mentioned in this morning’s statement.

A spokeswoman for the Swiss National Bank said Zurbrough was as fit as Jordan. She said the resignation of Zurbrügg – who is responsible for the country’s financial stability – was not due to health reasons.

The lady holds this position on the committee. Andrea Michler is her name, as Fritz Zurbrugh a former senior government employee, she grew up in diplomacy rather than finance.

Maichler is the youngest at the head of the Swiss Central Bank. As of July 2015, it has been designated by the Federal Council No. 3 at the head office of the Swiss National Bank in Zürcher Börsenstrasse.

Michler is now the preferred candidate to succeed Thomas Jordan as president. The gods knew if such a decision would come soon.

With a woman as head of the powerful institute, the Swiss National Bank will follow the zeitgeist. But Maichler hasn’t been particularly convincing yet.

Example: According to one of the participants Plossen, it was about crypto and the upcoming central bank digital currency at a recent conference.

A stark leadership crisis reveals that Maichler, who did not bring theoretical skills with her to the position and has not been at her best as a central banker since, is now likely to become the next head of the SNB.

The chiefs of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) neglected to build convincing successors for a period that would be the greatest challenge for decades.