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Researchers warn against using hydrogen as an automobile engine

Researchers warn against using hydrogen as an automobile engine


It’s an ongoing conflict that is already taking the form of religious warfare: Are hydrogen engines more efficient than battery-powered electronic cars? Researchers are now warning against using hydrogen as an energy source for cars and as an energy source to heat buildings.

According to the study, Which appeared in the scientific journal “Nature Climate Change,” could turn into hydrogen The effect of stabilization in fossil fuels To lead. So hydrogen is produced and the subsequent conversion into electricity More energy-intensive than the direct use of electricity.

Hydrogen production is particularly energy intensive

The ability to produce sufficient amounts of hydrogen can lead to one Increase fossil fuels To lead. Because of energy, Which is required for It largely comes from coal, oil and gas. In the short and medium term, the increasing share of sustainable energies cannot change this.

According to the researchers: if you heat a building with hydrogen, you will From 6 to 14 times the energy As if one had to directly heat the same building with electricity.

The situation is similar to hydrogen propulsion for cars. Here the researchers assume that 5 times the energy in hydrogen cars Required of battery-powered electronic cars.

High energy losses with hydrogen

The reason for this is, among other things, to High energy lossesBorn to provide hydrogen. If the electricity is used directly, the efficiency will be much higher.

We are now 100% away from renewable electricity. If we were to produce hydrogen with the current electricity mix in Europe, hydrogen-based fuels would increase – not reduce – greenhouse gas emissions compared to using fossil fuels, ”sums up Roman Sacchi, who contributed to the study.

In special areas, such as in Long-distance trucking Or in FlightOn the other hand, hydrogen engines can make sense. Among other things, because the necessary infrastructure can be provided more easily. Therefore, in the power transmission, one Prioritization is essentialThe researchers said.