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Researchers have for the first time discovered the actual millibeats

EFinally, the millipede lives up to its name: scientists have for the first time discovered a true millipede – and it has 1306 feet. A new creature called the Eumillipes persephone, Paul Marek, a researcher at the University of Virginia Tech, has broken all the millibeats counted so far. AFP News Agency Said. So far, the so-called millibeats have actually only been able to show a maximum of 750 feet.

According to a study released Thursday, the novel Millibeat was discovered in a deep well in a mining area in Western Australia. It derives its name from the Greek god of the underworld, Persephone.

Never before has a creature been seen with so many legs. The creature, which resembles a string and is less than ten centimeters long, has a conical head with “large antennae”, the study calls it.

Eumillipes persephone has no eyes and is colorless. This is common to animals that spend their entire lives deep underground. It stretches its flexible body more narrowly, thus crawling into the finest splits. In these cracks, many of his legs help him move forward.

The glimmer of hope for biodiversity

Entomologist Andre Nell was inspired by this discovery. He said of the study that such insects generally have “longer legs” than “long bodies”, to which he was not involved. The discovery from Australia reveals hope for biodiversity. Mini-pits are a little-known habitat, Paddy explained. New species are often found there.

Millibeats was previously below 1000 feet

Image: dpa

According to the study, millipeats are among the earliest living animals on earth. Some endangered species were more than two meters long. Organisms play an important role in the living ecosystem by feeding on garbage and recycling nutrients. Baby millipedes only hatch with four legs, but as they grow older they can develop new body parts with new legs.