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Reports suggest problems with Apple’s mixed reality headset, expected to launch next year – GBS News

Amid all the rumors and leaks surrounding the upcoming iPhone 14 series, there is now a report that gives us the inside scoop on the company’s much-anticipated mixed reality headset. We’ve heard about it for the past few years, but nothing substantial has been released other than the fact that it’s “under construction”. Based on recent reports, it appears that Apple’s priority is the rumored augmented reality headset. Although this has its own timeline, the mixed reality headset project appears to be facing some setbacks internally, according to the latest report from The Information.

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Lack of support from other teams?

It has been reported that Apple’s dedicated Mixed Reality headset team is facing technical and management challenges. One problem is that the group working on the project is isolated from the rest of Apple. Even the CEO, Tim Cook, doesn’t seem to show much interest in the project and hasn’t been active, as he “rarely” visits the team. Mike Rockwell, a former Dolby CEO who also leads the team, is struggling to garner support from other teams in the company. The report adds that the team is not based in the same building as Apple Park, but is located in the Sunnyvale offices several miles away.

The technical challenge lies in the battery technology of the mixed reality headset. Apple previously wanted to use a removable battery in the wearable so it would stay in users’ heads for longer. However, this idea was later changed and the headset is now said to have an integrated battery that can run for “several hours”.

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Apple Mixed Reality marketing time frame remains the same

Interestingly, the report adds that despite these challenges, the MR headset is still expected to launch in the second half of 2022. By the end of last year, the headset was supposed to arrive in 2022. However, according to a report issued Reported by Bloomberg in January of this year, the headset was delayed due to Apple’s issues with overheating, software and cameras. The overheating problem is said to have arisen because the headphones use high-quality chips usually made for workstations – which are said to be on par with the M1 Pro.

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