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Report: Apple's iPad with OLED panel was too expensive for Samsung

Report: Apple’s iPad with OLED panel was too expensive for Samsung

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According to a report, Apple is said to be working on the first iPad with an OLED screen. The board is said to come from Samsung. Patience is required until release.

We still have to wait for the first iPad Pro with an OLED panel. (Source: Apple)

  • Report from the site electricity According to Apple, they are working on the first iPad OLED.
  • The two companies are said to be working on a 10.86-inch OLED panel for the iPad as early as 2021. However, production has stopped.
  • Now the high volume ordering is supposed to spur the project.

under Many iPad models There is none with an OLED screen. the iPad Pro 12.9 with a small LED screen It represents the spearhead, and the rest comes with classic LCD screens. However, reports about Apple’s corresponding OLED plans are making the rounds again and again.

According to a report by The Elec portal, Samsung’s display division is said to have produced an OLED panel for Apple on a trial basis in 2021. But Apple’s ideas about the technology were too expensive for Samsung to produce profitably. The test balloon exploded in the third quarter.

The second attempt of the iPad 2024

The two companies now want to work together again. According to the information, Apple has to order more panels from Samsung in order to make the screen manufacturer’s business more profitable. However, to implement Apple’s ideas, it is necessary to create new production facilities, which can begin operations only in 2023.

According to US magazine MacRumors, Apple is also in talks with other display manufacturers such as BOE about large OLED panels that could be used in Future iMacs and MacBooks can be used.

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