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Report: Air India wants more than 100 Airbus A321neo plus 50 A350

Report: Air India wants more than 100 Airbus A321neo plus 50 A350

It appears that India’s privatized national airline doesn’t just want to buy 50 A350s. Airbus also placed a major order from Air India for more than 100 A321 Neo aircraft.

In 1982, 13 years after its launch, the European aircraft manufacturer managed to score a respectable and important success. He entered a stronghold that for decades had been dominated by British and American manufacturers and then by Boeing alone. Air India has added four Airbus A300s to its fleet for the first time. Four years later, India’s national airline also selected the A310 and ordered 24 units.

But this was for a long time. Air India has added Airbus A319, A320, A320 Neo and A321 to its fleet after many years. And now the Europeans seem to be coming back into the game stronger in Air India. The privatized airline has its female pilots The pilots asked if they were ready to switch to the Airbus A350.

Delays helped Airbus’ 777X

It appears to be considering ordering up to 50 copies of the long-haul aircraft, Business Standard now writes. At first it was only about 20 pieces. Specifically, it appears to be a case of the smaller A350-900.

The Air India managers are already in Hamburg and discussing things like cabin etc. The contract is about to be signed. Another reason to choose is that the Boeing 777X is getting more and more delayed.

Large orders of the A321 Neo are also a problem

Air India intends to operate its first Airbus A350 in the first quarter of 2023. This means that the airline has to buy aircraft that have already been manufactured but can no longer be accepted by the customer. These include copies from Aeroflot. The Russian national airline should receive 13 copies. But due to sanctions, this is no longer possible. Already recently Turkish Airlines has secured six abandoned Airbus A350s. Air India can now do the same.

But the management of the privatized airline seems to be thinking more. Air India is also in talks to order more than 100 Airbus A321neo aircraft.