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Renata Glaske |  New League of Legends Champion

Renata Glaske | New League of Legends Champion

Riot Games has announced that Renata Glask is the 159th champion in League of Legends. She is a support champion and uses Chemtech to her advantage. She allows her and her opponent team fights. Renata joins Summoner’s Rift in Patch 12.4.

Renata is the Kim Baroness of ZON. She comes from a resourceful family of alchemists. Ambitious and with excellent business acumen, Renata wants to push her advanced technology beyond the limits of Zaun.

League of Legends Equipped with a versatile kit, the 159th hero allows not only her team to fight for her, but also her opponents. Renata is the first supporting “edgy” magician. You can support your teammates and be awesome at the same time. a promise.

Renata Glaske Skills:

Negative Capacity – Leverage

Renata Glassic’s basic attacks identify her enemies and deal more damage. Removes the damage dealt from Renata’s allies’ abilities, and deals extra damage.

Renata Q Icon

Q – handshake

Renata Glasse launched a missile from her robotic arm, freezing the enemy’s first strike. She can reactivate the ability to throw the enemy in a certain direction, striking enemies devastating and stunned if the thrown target is a hero.

Renata W Icon

w – rescue

Renata Glass gives an increase in attack speed and movement speed to an ally hero or to herself as she or her ally moves toward enemies. The buff duration is reset if an ally is involved in killing an enemy hero. If the ally dies with Bailout, their health is fully restored. In turn, it begins to burn and dies after 3 seconds. An ally can put out the fire by participating in the killing of a hero before he dies.

Renata and icon

E – Loyalty Program

Renata Glask fires Chemtech missiles that give allies shields. Hitting enemies takes damage and is slowed down. The missiles also release their effects when thrown into the area around Renata, as well as during the explosion after reaching the maximum range.

Renata R Icon

R – Hostile takeover

Renata Glass releases a cloud of chemicals that annoys enemies, increasing their attack speed and attacking anything nearby. Enemy Berserkers attack their allies first, then neutral units, then Renata Glask’s team, and finally Renata herself.

Find out more about Renata’s backstory here. The new support hero will be playable from patch 12.4.

Not only does Renata join the classic League of Legends League, she’s part of 20 other champions Midnight Neon Nights Collection Update For Teamfight Tactics. Silko, Waziri, Alistar, and Corky will also perform for the first time TFT shows.


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