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Renamed Department of Economics –

Notifications from via web push

This service gives you the option to receive automatic notifications from of the selected messages.
We do not store any personal data for this purpose.

The only data we need to store is your choice of news to subscribe to. A copy of this data is also stored locally on your device.
We cannot identify a person based on the data provided.

A service provided by your browser provider called “Web Push” is used to send and receive messages.
You can adjust the settings in our data protection settings at any time and deactivate the notification function again.

Information about notifications:
Not all devices currently support the notification function.
To receive notifications, the browser must be open in the background on some devices.

If you do not visit for more than 14 days, notifications may be turned off automatically by your device.
If there is no current information for the news you selected, there will also be no notification.

We draw your attention to the risk that the service providers used via your browser come from a third country (the United States of America) that does not have an adequate level of data protection. By activating, you have effectively given your consent in accordance with Art. 49 para 1 lit. a) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

To activate notifications, please click on the following button and confirm your browser query