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Regular campers are shocked when Kabel1 accompanies you to the pitch: “Oh my God”

Regular campers are shocked when Kabel1 accompanies you to the pitch: “Oh my God”

Camping in Germany is a tradition for many people. Whether in the tent or in a comfortable motorhome, camping relaxation is in great demand. Regular campers have settled in many places – they are more interested in what is happening on the site. Kabel1 made the camping theme its own with the show “Yes, We Camp” and features stories small and large from the campsite.

And also how a group of strangers suddenly rushed to the site in northern Hesse. Newcomers are not “normal” camp guests. The buzz they cause is correspondingly big – and Kabel1 sticks to it.

Camping guests cause a stir at Kabel1

Campsite manager Odette is the first to welcome the new guests. Complete strangers, I’m curious. Her attitude towards the group is clear: “I love everything that is unnatural.” In the trolley world of Naumburg Square, these three are really anything but ordinary.

With a large vehicle including a rooftop tent, the camper group rolls to check-in with Odette. She’s very passionate about guys with their American-looking cars, which some might describe as tainted. While she seems to be enjoying the big adventure here, some of the regular campers seem skeptical. “Ugh! What is this?” exclaims someone about to light the grill.

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camp approach

And even the newcomers themselves don’t seem quite sure what to do about their plan of the night. The announcement must first be understood that from 10 p.m. there will be quiet in the square.

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