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Regionalliga Bayern: FC Memmingen is taking advantage of Portella's move to the USA

Regionalliga Bayern: FC Memmingen is taking advantage of Portella’s move to the USA

Gino Portela is the next soccer player in the long-running team to make the professional business leap via FC Memmingen. The player, who has just turned 20, has signed a contract with Philadelphia Union club in Major League Soccer (MLS) and, after clarifying all immigration procedures, is now on his way to the USA, where the new season is on the first. The split has just begun.

‘Satisfaction Amount’

From Philadelphia there is very good news for FCM financially. There the German Ernst Tanner is the sports director (he was previously the youth leader of RB Salzburg, TSV 1860 Munich and TSG Hoffenheim, who was also a sports director and administrative director). “We have been informed that we will benefit from this transfer,” said Professor Kay Uy Martin, Chairman of FCM III. Martin did not give any specific numbers, “but they are a satisfactory amount.”

Portela withdrew the release clause in December

Portella had come from the U19 team at the SSV Ulm in the summer of 2020 and had put a penalty clause into his contract last December. The Italian German, who has 1.94 meters of goalkeeper for a defender, played “only” two regional league points and two league cup matches at FCM in the season, which was interrupted again by Corona at the end of October, but here he has already demonstrated his qualities and was part of the coach’s regular formation. Esad Kahrik.

Not the only German in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Union has become one of the hottest headlines in professional American football in recent years. Last year the club only failed in the semi-finals of the qualifiers and won the “Supporters Shield” for the MLS team with the best points over the course of the entire 2020 season among the 28 clubs in the league, which are divided into the Eastern and Western relay. As an institution, there is a second union team in the United Soccer League. In addition to Tanner, Portela will meet other German faces: Frank Licht (various coaching positions in Eintracht Frankfurt, RB Leipzig and SV Sandhausen, among others) is an assistant coach there, and Kay Wagner, who moved to the US from Würzburg Kickers in 2019, Its market value there increased by 2.5 million euros.