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Regional League Salzburg: Austria Salzburg stared for first place

Regional League Salzburg: Austria Salzburg stared for first place

Violet wants to take the lead in the first match against Saint Johann.

With a tough 1-0 (0-0) match in Anif, Austria Salzburg took a big step towards a national playoff. Can take a deep breath thanks to the blow from Marco Hodel Hence the coach. “In this situation on the table, it was a very important victory. Not only to secure second place, but now we also want to take the lead,” he said. Christian Cheddar With a view on Friday, when Violet brings a guest at Leader St. Johann. For Scheider, performance was only of secondary importance. “It’s definitely not our best match, but nobody cares about this situation,” he said of the failures. “And we knew in advance that it was going to be tough.” Luca Niels Sandmeier And Alexander Schwegover in a. Another quartet could have played well.

Anif was again stronger than 7-0 at Saalfelden, but struggled with a tight bankruptcy. “It’s actually a classic draw, but Austria took one of the few chances and we didn’t,” the coach said. Bernard Klitzel. With the win, you could have stared at second place, which you’ll be measuring against Tyrolean and Vorarlberg representatives in the spring. “But that was never our goal. It was clear that with so many young players we would go through a low phase and simply couldn’t make up for the failure.” In the future, Keltzl will be on Goalgetter Anees Coca Who moves to Switzerland for professional reasons, waiver. Rumors that the 11-time season’s top scorer will be moved to matches, Klitzel denied: “Maybe it will be appropriate one day. But I can’t justify letting him play if he never trains.”