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Regional fleet: Lufthansa wants more Airbus A220

Regional fleet: Lufthansa wants more Airbus A220

The German airline group wants to streamline its regional fleet. Lufthansa is considering switching to the entire Airbus A220.

It’s kind of a mixture I’ve grown over the years. For short routes with low demand, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group rely on different aircraft models. You fly with the Airbus A220 and A319, but also with the Embraer E190 and E195 and you’re still with the Bombardier CRJ 900. But that’s about to change.

like news agency Bloomberg He writes with reference to insiders, the Lufthansa Group is considering streamlining the regional fleet. This can reduce maintenance and training expenses. A new order is being considered with Airbus for the A220.

Lufthansa has another option

Ordering Canadian regional aircraft will also bring other advantages. It is significantly more economical to use. The savings effect of the Airbus A220 compared to older models is at least 20 percent. As a result, profitable routes that go worse can be presented in post-halo times than before. Last but not least, the Lufthansa group can also improve its ecological balance.

The group still has an option to purchase another 30 Airbus A220 aircraft. Its history goes back to 2009, when it ordered 30 of the then C-class aircraft from Bombardier for Switzerland. This means that Lufthansa already has enough information about the actual performance values ​​of the A220. However, 30 copies will not be enough to unite the regional fleet, the demand should be greater.

Embraer in running too

The deal has not yet been closed. Lufthansa management is also talking to Embraer about the E2 planes, CEO Carsten Spohr said in a nine-month results presentation. An order has been sent to the manufacturer with a request for proposal.