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Reformhaus Müller distributes items left over to employees after bankruptcy

The Reformhaus Müller had to file for bankruptcy and closed all 37 branches. Many of the products could no longer be sold. Some of them are now distributed.


The basics in brief

  • Reformhouse Mueller filed for bankruptcy and closed its branches on Wednesday.
  • The rest goes to the bankruptcy office.
  • However, employees receive a portion of the remaining items.

Rumors of closing Mueller’s health food store have been circulating for a few weeks. Now Swiss The company filed for bankruptcy. The 37 branches were open until the last day and the shelves were full. But what do you do with camps full of tofu, oatmeal, and juice cleanses?

According to Mischa Felber, managing director of Mueller’s health food store, those responsible ordered the goods with foresight. Because you’ve known for a long time that company was on the back burner.

“The order volume was already reduced at the beginning of December. From the moment it was clear there would be no bailout, no further orders were issued.” As a result, major cuts were no longer necessary, according to Filber.

Do you buy organic products?

The information about the closure, announced the day before, caused a lot of sales again: “Many clients Customers came again on the last day and make a major purchase. This made it possible More products came out among the peoplehe explains.

Fresh produce with short dates, which are not preferred before, was also requested for less. All the rest was distributed among the employees.

Customers express regret to about the bankruptcy of health food store Müller. – /

The general manager doesn’t know how much goods are actually left. As with every bankruptcy, the branches close and the bankruptcy estate goes to the bankruptcy office. This will sell most of it.” It is unclear which products end up with which buyers.