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Red wave not yet visible

Red wave not yet visible

Drin another meaning Democrats They scored a significant success in the midterm congressional elections: In the race for a seat in the Pennsylvania Senate, stations NBC, CNN, and Fox News declared Democrat John Fetterman the winner that night. Consequently, the former deputy governor of the East Coast state narrowly won over his Republican challenger, Mehmet Oz.

The Senate seat was previously held by A republican Inside, winning President Joe Biden’s mandate could allow Democrats to defend their meager majority in the Senate.

The duel between Fetterman and Oz was followed by a special suspense for weeks. Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, and continues to suffer the consequences of it to this day. The 53-year-old left-wing politician has struggled with his only television duel with political newcomer and Doctor Oz, backed by former President Donald Trump, who is best known as a guest expert on Queen Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.

Apparently DeSantis was re-elected in Florida

The national outcome of the congressional elections is still unclear. So far, there has been no “red wave” in which Republicans can make significant gains, nor is it clear that Democrats can defend both houses of Congress. Both parties can still control one or both houses of Congress, but they probably won’t get the supermajorities that Republicans want and Democrats fear. According to television stations, Republicans had failed to win Senate seats in Colorado, Connecticut and New Hampshire by late Tuesday night — but the party had to win those elections to win a landslide victory in the House.

In Georgia, Republican Herschel Walker and current Democrat Raphael Warnock were both less than 50 percent due to 2 percent of the vote for a liberal candidate. A runoff election may become necessary on December 6 due to a special regulation in the state. The charges in Arizona and Nevada are also still very close. In Arizona, counting for the 2020 presidential election took several days.

However, Republicans only need to have one seat in the Senate and five seats in the House of Representatives to gain a majority. In the House, they managed to get a few seats in Florida, and in other states it looked as if the Democrats might win seats. What was certain was that the Republicans did particularly well in Florida. Apparently, Governor Ron DeSantis was re-elected. Many consider him a potential rival to Donald Trump in the race for the presidency in 2024. Senator Marco Rubio has also managed to defend his seat better than previously expected.