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Red Bull confirms negotiations with Raikkonen

Red Bull confirms negotiations with Raikkonen

1:09 pm

Horner: We negotiated with Kimi

The captains of both teams are asked about Kimi Raikkonen. Horner reveals that Red Bull has been negotiating with Kimi when it came to finding a replacement for Mark Webber. That was for the 2014 season, however, Raikkonen finally switched to Ferrari at that time. Wolff also reveals that he once spoke with Raikkonen – not when he was at Mercedes, but when he was at Williams.

Exciting insights after many years!

1:46 pm

Szafnauer: This is the booth with Vettel

Regarding Sebastian Vettel’s future, the Aston team boss is cautious. He does not want to talk about the details of the contract. He only explains that there is a “time window” for speaking to Vettel, and a “deadline” “not far away”. Why Vettel hasn’t exactly been confirmed for 2022, he’s leaving that open.

This was with the second part of PK, which today is a little shorter than the first.

1:34 pm

Szafnauer: The reason is still not clear

The team leader now at PK explains that they don’t yet know the cause of the problem with Vettel. The priority now was to switch the engine so that Vettel could drive in FT2 afterwards. Only then will the cause of the problem be investigated. Vettel suddenly reported an engine failure and was then ordered to stop.

1:30 pm.

Norris and I be with the hosts

As expected, Norris and Ocon have to answer the hosts at 1:45pm for the scene at the end of FT1. You can find it here again in the video. It might be a penalty for Ocon.

PK Part 1 is over, and we’ll continue with Szafnauer and Steiner in a moment. By the way, we hear from Aston Martin that Vettel will not get a penalty initially. First, an old engine was installed there.

1:24 pm

Horner: Red Bull will pay for Albon

So again on the subject of Albon. When asked, Horner made it clear that if needed, Albon would also be supported financially if it would help him find the cockpit. But he also explains, “He’s good enough that he doesn’t have to bring any money with him.” But they want to help him in every possible way.

When we asked, he also said that both Williams and Alfa Romeo have expressed interest in Albon’s services.

1:21 pm

Mercedes engine: Red Bull wants clarification

Another topic in the PK is the Mercedes engine, which apparently found the power recently. Several media reports said that Red Bull has applied to the FIA ​​for this. It appears to be related to the intercooler. When asked, Horner did not deny that there was such a demand in the FIA.

“I first heard about it a few days ago,” says Wolf, explaining that no “special solution” for the engine had been found. But it’s “normal” for other teams to ask the FIA ​​about all sorts of things. We are monitoring that, of course.

1:14 pm

Horner: Albon deserves a chance in F1

Now it comes to the future of Alexander Albon. There is no room for him at Red Bull in 2022, as they continue to count on Verstappen and Perez. However, Horner stresses that Albon deserves a place in Formula 1. Exciting: There is also “interest” from other teams in him. Of course, Horner does not give any names. But Albon will be helped if there is a cockpit opportunity in 2022.

1:06 pm

Wolf satisfied with FT1

Now the Austrian is there too. He is satisfied with the FT1, it was a “good” session. Both drivers would have felt comfortable in the car. Regarding the long outage due to Vettel, he made it clear that in the future one should consider stopping the clock in such cases so that fans can see the moving cars for their money.

So the topic will continue to accompany us after the spa …

1:04 pm

BK: There is a missing person…

PK starts, but at first there was only Horner. Wolf was a little late. Red Bull boss talks about crowding at the start. It will be difficult to deal with it in the playoffs. You’ve already seen it in FT1.

It’s also about Verstappen and the pressure to race at home. However, Horner doesn’t think the Dutchman feels any particular pressure because of it. He comes close to racing like everyone else.

All in all, he expects a “close” battle with Mercedes again this weekend – as always this year.

12:57 PM

full hut

This weekend is likely to be the best Formula 1 race has seen in a long time. This is a bit of an expectation. Imagine if Verstappen won the thing on Sunday too…

We are now focusing on PK. We’ll start right away with Wolfe and Horner. This promises excitement!

12:36 pm

FT1: Quick Crash

The traffic eventually affected the bosom of many pilots. The most hairy thing was the scene between Ocon and Norris, when he almost fell apart. Commissioners will definitely take another look at it. Here the tape continues, among other things, with PK for the team heads.

12:31 PM

FT1: After work

And that’s it with the first training session. FT1 was interrupted for more than half an hour, which of course all participants imagined differently. In the end, the best time goes to Hamilton with 1:11.5 – just before Verstappen. Here is an overview:

Score FT1


12:24 pm

FT1: confusion

We just learned that the session is going on. In fact, this is only the case now. So only six minutes up for teams. Now it’s really full again…

12:21 pm

FT1: Let’s continue!

The session is now edited again, but there are only eight minutes left on the clock. The teams can no longer learn much there. But it’s better than nothing, of course…

12:15 pm

FT1: Vettel threatens punishment

If Vettel needed an entirely new engine after the malfunction, he would face a penalty. You have already reached the maximum allowable limit for all parts. In the meantime, the session is still off and the last 15 minutes of the morning is already running.

An overview of all engine parts for 2021 is available here!

12:06 pm

FT1: Still red

This slowly started to hurt the difference. Vettel’s car is still on the track and cannot be removed. He seems to admit the danger of an electric shock. The last 25 minutes have been run and anyone can still drive.

11:58 AM

FT1: Fireman Seb

Fireman Sam was yesterday, and the cool kids are watching Firefighter Seb today 😉