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Recycled plastic is toxic – and bad for the environment

Recycled plastic is toxic – and bad for the environment

In order to preserve the environment, PET bottles are transported to the recycling collection point. But Greenpeace is now warning: Recycled plastic is even more toxic! Because plastic decomposition leads to environmental pollution through microplastics.

Thus, recycling is not the answer to the current plastic pollution crisis. On the contrary, Greenpeace asserts in a new report that “plastic toxicity increases with recycling.”

Because plastic is made of toxic chemicals. These things simply won’t go away when the plastic is recycled.

Instead, recycled plastic contains higher concentrations of toxic chemicals such as carcinogens. It can cause serious harm to human and animal health. So relying on recycling is of little use. On the other hand, plastic production should be significantly reduced.

The results were shocking: A total of 13 percent of processed plastics released microplastics into the water. “It’s a huge problem that we’re creating,” said study leader Irina Braun, according to The Guardian.

Plastic pollution is a known problem: about eight billion tons of plastic have been produced since the 1950s. Plastic production could triple by 2060.