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Recognizing infatuation: 3 signs your crush is into you

Recognizing infatuation: 3 signs your crush is into you

Psychology and dating

These three signs reveal if your crush is into you

Dating often comes with a lot of insecurities. A psychologist reveals three tricks that will show you if your counterpart is interested in you, too.


Is the attraction mutual? Tiktokerin shows three tricks how you can find out.


Anyone who’s single and dating likely knows the situation: You have a crush, but you’re not sure if the attraction is mutual? You can of course ask directly. Or first check out the 3 tips Tiktokerin Francesca offers in one of her videos with over 660,000 views.

Originally from Romania, Francesca studied psychology in London. She now lives in the USA and gives advice as a life coach on Tiktok, among other things, where she is followed by around 1.2 million people.

This is also the case when it comes to exposing a crush through the following three tricks.

1. Writing style when writing ads

According to the psychologist, a sign of interest is when your crush imitates the way you text. You can test it like this: if your counterpart writes rather long messages with lots of emoticons, change your style and write short messages without smileys and the like. If the guy you like adopts your style, it’s a sign that he likes you. Because through this reflection, you are subconsciously trying to create common ground.

If the guy you like matches your style of texting, that could be a promising sign.

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2. Future plans

What a surprise! Tell the other person that you’ve booked something for both of you – but that won’t happen for six months. Note that you still have 24 hours to cancel your reservation. “If your crush suddenly seems nervous or even a little desperate and wants you to cancel, it means he doesn’t see any future with you,” says life coach Francesca. And therefore not in you.

Want to buy tickets to a festival in six months? If your crush hesitates, this is a sign that he doesn’t see a future together.

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3. Hidden details

As a third tip, Tiktokerin recommends posting a selfie of yourself. An image where you put weird text or emoji in the background – not very obvious, but still recognizable. If your crush is into you, he’ll notice, because: “If he likes you, they’ll notice because they’ll check your background,” Tiktokerin explains. So if the boy asks you about the weird story: bingo!

Psychological tricks for more attractiveness

Then Tiktokerin also offers psychological tricks on how you can look more attractive with your crush on the next date.

It is said that calmer breathing makes you appear more confident. Another tip is to put up with silence: if you fill every pause in a conversation with jest, you’ll find yourself nervous and insecure.

What are your best dating methods?

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