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Reactions after changing the situation - anticipation among the fans - opponents raise a warning finger - sports

Reactions after changing the situation – anticipation among the fans – opponents raise a warning finger – sports


The Premier League will have a whole new look from the 2023/24 season. The reactions of the club heads are different.

The 20 clubs in the Super League and the Challenge suddenly spoke out in favor of changing the situation on Friday. The Revolutionary Front captured the reactions of four advocates of sports leadership, including supporters and opponents of reform:

Stefan Wolff, President of FC Lucerne

“Sports competition has to go on throughout the tournament and not be decided in the end by a few matches. It was something very clear, we had to reckon with that. We set ourselves up against the playoffs, but we accept the decision and look forward. There are still many uncertainties. and safety aspects that do not make work easier.”

Barthelemy Constantin, President of Sion Sports Club

“The change in the situation is very important for Swiss football and the attractiveness of the tournament. With ice hockey, we have a good example of that in Switzerland. I don’t think qualifying will be boring. For us, the decision was clear and we are very happy with it, and we hope that other clubs will come to terms with it as well.” .

Philip Bonorand, President of FC Aarau

“Because only the opponents of Al-Islah spoke out publicly, many probably expected a different result, but from an internal perspective the decision was expected. We have also thought about the qualifiers, and there are legitimate arguments against it. As representatives of the Challenge League, we followed the majority of Premier League clubs.”

Anders Gerber, President of FC Thon

“The increase has an impact on the appeal of the Challenge League because two good teams will be promoted. The league has been on the rise for the past two years and that trend is now off. I completely understand the decision and am optimistic, but it is a shame for the Challenge League.”

YB expresses itself only in writing

Young Boys did not want to appear in front of the camera. Bernays, who stood against the changes before the General Assembly, commented in writing on the club’s website about the decision, according to which “the reform was, of course, accepted”.

St Gallen coach Peter Zeidler made a statement at the press conference ahead of the last game of the season against Lausanne. The German did not want to talk about a revolution. “It will be different, but there is also the appeal of the new. For me, the best team will always win the championship.”