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Rappi and Zug get pucks in the semi-finals

Rappi and Zug get pucks in the semi-finals

The Lakers SCRG played themselves into a frenzy against Davos.Photo: cornerstone

In the National League ice hockey tournament, there are two teams in the quarter-finals before reaching the semi-finals: Yves Zug and the Rapperzoil-Jonah Lakers are only one win away. Meanwhile, the ZSC Lions celebrate their second consecutive mini win against Biel.

SCRG Lakers 4-0 Davos

Series: 3: 0

Record champion Davos is about to retire. Grayson also lost their third game in the quarter-final against the Rapperzoil-Jonah Lakers, this time 0:4. Thus, St. Gallen still lacked a win in the second consecutive semi-finals.

Nothing seems to be able to stop the Lakers at the moment. Although the Rapperswil did not achieve much in the first third, they survived unharmed. Then they took the lead in the 27th minute thanks to a Nando Eggenberger shot, which hit the spot.

Strong play didn’t hurt for nearly six minutes, but Gian Marco Witter scored 2-0 (38) shortly before the end of Davos’ third penalty kick. Whittier scored for the fourth time in this series after scoring six goals in 44 qualifying matches. Things improved for the host in the middle of the period: defender David Ebecher made it 3-0 0.8 seconds before the second half.

In the 41st minute, Matthias Bromme of Davos attacked Rapperswil goalkeeper Melvin Nefeller single-handedly, but failed at the post – like Matti Stransky before him (17). In the 43rd minute, HCD striker Yannick Canova had to take an early shower after a check against Witter, who then did not return to the ice. Eggenberger used a five-minute majority to make it 4-0 (45). This was his fourth pillar in National League. As a result, the only question that remained was whether Nyffeler would celebrate his fifth close of the season. He did it thanks to 26 saves.

Christian Woolwind: “We can’t get ourselves to push the disc over the line.”Video: YouTube / MySports

Rapper Weil-Jonah Lakers – Davos 4:0 (0:0, 3:0, 1:0)
6,100 spectators (all sold out). – S. R. Stricker/Tscherrig, Progin/Stalder.
gates: 27. Agenburger (Lehmann & Mayer) 1-0. 38. Weather (Meyer, Cervinka/Powerplaytor) 2: 0. 40 (39:59) Abscher (Powerplaying target) 3: 0. 45. Eggenberger (Aebischer, Djuse/Powerplaytor) 4: 0.
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against the Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers, 4 times and 2 plus 5 minutes (Canova) plus playing time (Canova) against Davos.
PostFinance scorer: Atmosphere; ampoule.
Rapperswill-Jonah Lakers: nefeller; Ebecher, DJs. Jelovac, Profico; Fuardo, Satrick. Mayer. Lammer, Albrecht, Cervinka; Eggenberger, Lehmann, Brüschweiler; wick, thinner, forrer; Zanger, Mitchell, Whittier; newcomer
Davos: Ashleiman. Negrin, Jung; Dominic Egli, Wellinger; Zgraggen, Barandon; Henin. Stransky, Rasmussen, Brummy; Phaser, Corvi, ampoules; Frehner, Chris Egli, Dirt; Nussbommer, Brassell, Knack; Canova.
Notes: Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers without Kosella and Roux (both injured), Moussa (extra foreign), Davos without Simic and Stubb (both injured) and Pospisil (extra foreign).

HCD is well served after the third duel with Rappi.

HCD is well served after the third duel with Rappi.Photo: cornerstone

Biel – Black ZSC 0:1

Series: 2: 2

After nine goals (and two victories) in his first two games, he was EHC Bell Peat call. The people of Bell are subject to Black ZSC Again 0:1. Series 2-2 after wins.

The decisive scenes occurred in the last stage of the second section. Bell was able to play with a double advantage – for about 50 seconds. Tony Ragala hit the post. But the fact that Rajala tried it out from an almost impossible angle also showed that Bell wasn’t overly skilled at this point.

A little later, the ZSC Lions played a game of strength: Maxim Noreau showed the Seelanders how to play overnight. 59.2 seconds before the second half, he put the ZSC lions ahead with a well-placed shot.

The fact that this ranking returned to this quarter-final series after two chaotic matches (5:4 and 4:3 for Biel) hasn’t helped EHC Biel at all yet. Since his 4-3 win in Match 2 overtime, Bale has scored no more than 148 minutes. In addition to a 5 on 3 majority chance, Bale only had good scoring chances in the first half via Rajala (1) and Mike Konzel (2).

So on Thursday in Game Five at Hallenstadion, Biel must basically make sure he loses order on the ice again. Not only in their ranks (as on Tuesday with three penalties at the wrong time in the last division), but above all with the opponent. Anyway, the ZSC Lions have regained the home advantage for now.

Christian Marti: “Birthdays are worse than today.”Video: YouTube / MySports

Biel – Black ZSC 0:1 (0:0, 0:1, 0:0)
6,162 spectators (completely sold out). – SR Stolke (SVK) / Borja, Stenstra (Canada) / Borge.
Goal: 40. (39:01) Nuro (Andregueto, Azevedo / Powerblatter) 0:1.
punish: 6 times 2 minutes against Bill, 5 times and 2 minutes against the Lions of Zed.
PostFinance scorer: Kunzel. Andregueto.
Biel: two checks. Rathgup, Love; Yakovenko, Grossman; Schneeberger, Forster; Delmont. Hescher, Salinis, Rajala; Hoover, Haas, Schleibfer; Hogley, Conti, Konzel; Koehler, Freudfo, Kessler; Carava.
Black ZSC: Kovar. Noro, Marty. Phil Baltisberger, Gering; Weber, Kevisto; Trotman. Chris Baltisberger, Rowe, Andregueto; Bodenmann, Azevedo, Hollenstein; Soba, Siegrist, Pedretti; Ashleimann, Shabby, Diem; ready.
Notes: Bill without Brunner, Stampfly, Tanner and Van Botelberge (all injured), Andrassys and Korpikowski (both additional foreigners), ZSC Lions Don Malgin and Morant (both injured), Kruger and Quinville (both additional foreigners). Bale from 59:00 without a goalkeeper.

ZSC goalkeeper Kovar celebrates the second consecutive close.

ZSC goalkeeper Kovar celebrates the second consecutive close.Photo: cornerstone

Train – Lugano 6:3

Series: 3: 0

The EV . train Plays in the playoffs for HC Lugano very smart. And lead goalkeeper Leonardo Genone Ticino to despair. After 6:3 in Game 3, Zug leads with 3:0 wins.

Lugano would have won every match in the series. They always shot more often on goal (41:33 in match 1, 38:33 in match 2, 47:39 in match 3). In the third game on Tuesday, Luganese led 2-0 until the 30th minute in Zug.

A dumb penalty kick from Santeri Alatalo, former Zug player for HC Lugano, is starting to turn. Fabrice Herzog scored the goal in the power game. After 263 seconds, Luca Di Nisco tied the score 2-2. And in the final section, Dario Allsbach (3:2), Jan Kovar (4:2) and Anton Lander (5:2) made things clear. Zug has already scored six Power Play goals in three matches in this quarter-final series.

Chris McSorley’s team will need to play a fairer and more disciplined team right away if they are to play a role in this series. And Lugano must eventually become more efficient.

Dario Allensbach and Luca de Nisco: “We’re having a lot of fun on the ice right now.”Video: YouTube / MySports

Train – Lugano 6:3 (0:0, 2:2, 4:1)
7,200 spectators (all sold out). – SR Wigan/Kocukari, Oviggiser/Cataneo.
gates: 22- (21:45) Bertagia (men) 0:1 23. (22:43) Moreni (Abdulkadir, Arcopello) 0:2. The 30th Duke (Kovar, Djoos/Powerplay goal) 1:2.34 De Nisco (Allenspach) ) 2-2. 45 Allenspach (Leuenberger) 3: 2. 52:14 (51:14) Kovar (Stadler) 4: 2 53 (52:20) Lander (Marco Muller) 5: 2.57. Joseph (Outstanding!) 5: 3. 59. Senteler (Marco Müller / PowerPlay Goal) 6: 3.
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Zug, 2 times 2 plus 5 minutes (Arcopello) plus playing time (Arcopello) against Lugano.
PostFinance scorer: duke; Arcobelo.
Train: Jenoni. Kadunau, DJs; Hanson, Stadler; Smurfs Circle Wuthrich, Gross; Marco Muller, Lander, Bachoener; Simeon, Kovar, Hoffmann; Zehnder, Sentineler, Herzog; Allenspach, Leuenberger, De Nisco.
Lugano: fins; Lovell, Mirko Muller; Alatalo, Riva; Kizza, Guerra; Wolf; Carr, Thorkopf, Joseph; Abdelkader, Arcobello, Moreni; Bertaggia, Herburger, Messrs.; Vidova, Chome, Stoffel; jog.
Notes: Lugano without Fozini, Walker (both injured), Bodker, Irving, and Prince (all extra aliens).

Zug makes an amazing turnaround against Lugano.

Zug makes an amazing turnaround against Lugano.Photo: cornerstone

Friborg – Lausanne 2: 2 *

Series: 1: 1