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Rapper Loredana shares a photo with the soccer star from OSC Lille

Rapper Loredana shares a photo with the soccer star from OSC Lille

Rapper and influencer Loredana: Photo showing her arm in arm with a French soccer star.Photo:

It has been a year since Loredana opened Instagram is yours fans Shocked by the news: Your bananas are going apart again. Now shows a picture of them arm in hand with a French footballer.

“Some have already noticed or suspect I’m having problems with me and Mozz again,” Loredana wrote in an Instagram post last August. “We’re just two stubborn people who can’t live with each other, but we can’t live without each other either.”

Loredana announced her split from Mozzik in August

After a year of being reunited as a couple, the two split again. The work On their album it was so intense that they realized that they could laugh together for 10 hours a day. However, they are no longer able to make it healthy Link Straight.

Despite the split, we were able to live with and take care of their daughter Hana.

To see Loredana with the soccer star

In the Interview With celebrity flash She said a few months ago that she is not currently looking. Now an Instagram story with a French soccer star shows her: Edon Zigrova. The 23-year-old is under contract with French club OSC Lille.

The Kosovar player was born in Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia and moved from FC Basel in the winter France.

In the photo he posted on his story and shared her own story, he put his arm around her. They both have drinks on hand.

Football player Edon Zhegrova linked Loredana in his story.

Football player Edon Zhegrova linked Loredana in his story.Photo: / @edonzhegrova10

The Imaginable Patchwork Family Model Loredana

Apparently, the on-off relationship with Mozzik has also changed her ideas about the future.

In the past, she always wanted to be with a man forever, like the 26-year-old in “celebrity flashShe revealed in an interview earlier this year.

Today she can also imagine a different family model. “I’m saying I’m on my own now life It got to a point where I realized that a mixed family isn’t that bad after all.”