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Rankweil finished third with a zero win in Röthis – Lauterach against SW Bregenz – Football Vorarlberg – Results, tables and scorers from all Vbg leagues.

RW Rankwell The eighth round of the Elite League initially shows a very poor first-half performance – SC Röfix Röthis could close the sack, but only breaks 2-0. Rankweil is tighter in the second half, starts and wins 4-2. Third place is the bonus for great morale – just one point behind the qualifying positions that Wolfort and DSV currently hold. for him intemann FC Lauterach And SW Bregenz has not yet gone as desired – in a direct duel there is 0-0, Lauterach is awarded a penalty. SW Bregenz is seven points clear of the standings, and Lauterach is already ten points clear of Wolfurt and DSV.

RW Rankweil lags behind 0:2 in Röthis

Stipo Palinic, coach RW Rankweil: “Only the opponent who played in the first half, we were not really present on the field and we can be very happy because it was only 2-0 in the break. Marco Reiser gave Ruthes the lead in the 12th minute, 2-0 for the home team in the 32nd minute about Road Renan Peixoto Nepomucino We discussed the situation at half-time and reorganized our tactics Since our opponent did not close the sack in the first half there is still a chance for us to make the match tight again We scored an own goal from the hosts 2-1 in the 57th minute Good pressure “Good relay of the ball, and suddenly we’re back on track. 2-2 penalty kick in the 61st minute – Matthias Flatz turned it around and the next attack gave us the lead through Fabian Koch. The match wasn’t turned undeservedly, but the fact is that the hosts had to explain.” Everything in the first half!”

RW Rankweil . Best Player: Fabian Koch, Raphael Zwischenbruger (goal), Lucas Lambert

Loterach awards a penalty – zero number against SW Bregenz

Ingo Hagspiel, coach intemann FC Lauterach: “Unfortunately only one point against SW Bregenz. Because of the match ratio and the penalty miss, we counted two points. But overall, we played to zero for the first time and that’s with the last team. For me, Christoph Kopelder will be in the team. Duels!”

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