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Rambo Seal invades Aussie gas station

Last week there was a huge stampede in an Australian city. Now the animal has reappeared.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Last week a seal landed in Australia and passed through a tourist town.
  • The authorities then drowned the animal again.
  • Now she reappeared.

A stubborn seal has resurfaced in the Australian tourist town of Point Lonsdale last week. She is exploring the coast not far from Blairgowrie. It shows a TwitterVideo provided by “9 News Melbourne”.

Officials have asked people not to come closer than 30 meters to the animals. with a the dog A distance of even 50 meters should be maintained.

Last week is gone For larger stamps An elephant seal washed ashore at Point Lonsdale in Victoria. He caused chaos there and broke the window Walked into a gas station store.

Robbie was scared

According to “Express”, expert Glenn Sharp believes that many viewers were disturbed by the Rambo stamp. On the flight to the gas station store, the animal wanted to get to safety. At the gas station, the sea creature may have mistaken its own reflection for another seal and tried to defend itself. So he broke the glass.

Have you ever been to Australia?

On Friday, the police finally had their way Seal back inside Water to deceive. The road had to be closed to traffic. So now she reappeared.

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