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Rainer Callmond cut himself in half for his wife

Rainer Callmond cut himself in half for his wife

Rainer Callmond (73) has halved since the start of 2020. The cult soccer personality currently weighs 90 kilograms. His wife, Sylvia, 51, is overjoyed.

The basics in brief

  • Out of love for his wife Sylvia, Rainer Calmond lost 90 kilograms.
  • This doubled the happiness of both of them.

Rainer Callmond (73) got one at the start of 2020 stomach reduction exposed. Since then, the former director of Bayer Leverkusen Significantly thinner: his weight decreased from 180 to 90 kilograms. Hard to believe!

Callie long ago said goodbye to his voluminous dresses. “I can move better, I am lighter and leaner. This is a completely new one attitude to life‘ ‘ cheers Calmond in the meantime.

Calmond also lost weight Silvia’s wifeand his children and grandchildren. “My husband has been cut in half,” the 51-year-old says in an interview with “Bunte”. “Our luck has doubled.”

Silvia also reveals that she could have lived well with her husband at 130 kilos. You never paid him to have surgery. “It wasn’t about the plastic surgery, it was about his health,” says Silvia Callmond.

Rainer has been married to Sylvia since 2003. During this time, the couple literally lived through thick and thin.

What do you think of Rainer Calmond’s weight loss?

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