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Rainbow Six Siege Xbox Championship

Rainbow Six Siege Xbox Championship

XBOX DACH and Ubisoft are looking for the best Rainbow Six Siege players in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – on Xbox. The prize pool amounts to a total of 10,000 euros.

It’s not just that the Xbox Series X version | S from Rainbow Six Siege offers faster load times and 120 frames per second. Players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can now compete against each other in the game’s first Xbox tournament and win many prizes. The first place holder gets, for example, five Xbox consoles and 6,500 euros.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer the competitive Rainbow Six Xbox community alongside Xbox DACH top-tier competition,” says Alexander Steiner, Director of eSport at Ubisoft GSA. “With Season 1, we have laid the foundation for sustainable development of the scene and our partnership with Xbox DACH. Season 2 is already under planning and in the context of gamescom 2021 We and the Xbox community will still have a surprise or two waiting for us – stay tuned.”

Turner System

The top four teams from four qualifying tournaments earn a place in the final event, where 16 teams compete against each other in a double elimination bracket.

how to watch

The Xbox tournaments It will be live on Twitch from Rainbow and XBOX DACH channels. Broadcasts will be commented on and accompanied by actors and analysts from the local Rainbow Six scene. More information is available on the tournament website at

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