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Radical Dreamers Edition Gets Vinyl Soundtrack • JPGAMES.DE

Radical Dreamers Edition Gets Vinyl Soundtrack • JPGAMES.DE

Square Enix will not only release a physical copy of Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition for Nintendo Switch in Asia Publish. You also plan New vinyl album. This album is supposed to feature eight songs, one piece of which is completely new. The other seven songs are new arrangements of the original.

The album will be available on the Square Enix store, and the European store does not currently list it. in Play Asia You can already pre-order*. So the playlist is specifically like this:

side to

  1. Dreams of the past, memories of my soul
  2. Chrono Cross – Time Scars –
  3. unforgettable dream
  4. Wind vows and dreams

side b

  1. sailing (another world)
  2. Termina (Another world)
  3. bound by fate
  4. Fossil Valley

You can watch the promotional video below. Did you play Chrono Cross? On the 7th of April, you will have the opportunity to do it again. Then Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition will be released in Germany exclusively digitally for €19.99 for Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC-Steam.

Video for vinyl:


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