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Radiant is about to expire soon?  – Inside Paradeplatz Square

Radiant is about to expire soon? – Inside Paradeplatz Square

The situation with Radikant Bank is much worse than expected. One has to talk about open loss pipe.

Although income is small, costs remain very high – despite the renovation work that has begun.

According to an insider, the costs incurred so far to set up and operate the sustainability-focused subsidiary of Baselland-KB (BLKB) are expected to exceed $100 million.

BLKB itself recently spoke of 90 million, of which a good 20 million were written off.

Today follows his first tattoo in politics. This one is standing on its hind legs in a quiet semi-canton and wants to know how long it can stay that way.

The funds provided by Radikant meet very little demand compared to the approximately 90 employees at Seefeld in Zurich.

To attract more customers' money, Radicant invests in marketing. But the first thing it does is increase the loss – which is exactly what Radikant does not need.

The size of the gap between input and output is illustrated by the following information, which seems reasonable.

If the annual income from the funds is less than 1 million, the expenses for wages, bonuses, rent, marketing and IT amount to about 30 million.

The problem is the resulting downward momentum. The BLKB subsidiary will also incur losses in the current year, just as it did in 2025 and perhaps also in subsequent years.

By 2027, the largest possible loss could reach about 200 million – a huge loss.

Politicians no longer want to just watch this. What is plan B?

Libby Kundina, Libby Kunda (J. Häfelfinger; Youtube)

The question is addressed to the bank board of BLKB's parent company, Radican. The focus in this is CEO performance.

His name is John Havelfinger, and he started his career at Credit Suisse in Zurich before taking up operational management at Liestal-based Staatsbank seven years ago.

Under Haeffelfinger's auspices, further initiatives on bad investments were developed.

Combined with the looming large version of Radicant Adventure, the amount is a staggering amount.

The as yet unknown construction site is BLKB Fund Management. The boss is gone there – and finds a place in CEO Häfelfinger's management team.

The fund management acquired many properties at high prices during the reign of the now late manager. Starting at the highest levels, performance is about 20 percent.