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Rad-star van der Boel apologizes for hotel scandal

Rad-star van der Boel apologizes for hotel scandal

“I admit I was wrong. I never wanted to hurt anyone,” the Dutchman told Hed Latche News at Brussels airport. The night before the world championship race on September 25, van der Boel got into an argument with two girls who disturbed his sleep by knocking on his door. The 27-year-old woman The cyclist was fined 1,000 euros in Australia and later allowed to return home after allegedly pushing someone over.

The former cross world champion contradicted the version that he pushed a woman. Van der Boel insisted he grabbed the girl’s hand. “The rumors that I pushed someone are not true. There are two sides to the story, but it was difficult to prove that in Australia,” said Albesin the professional. “I apologize for the mistake. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have called reception.”

That’s what the judge told him to do. Through his actions, van der Boel took the law into his own hands. As a result of the complaint, the medalist spent the night before the World Championship race in a police station. In the race itself, he got off the bike after a good hour.

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