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Quick settings add Google Pay, controls, and performance

Quick settings add Google Pay, controls, and performance

One of the many aspects of Android that will be redesigned with Android 12 is the Quick Settings area. With Android 12 Beta 2, the Quick Settings area has quick access to Google Pay, Google Home shortcuts, and the power button.

On Android 12 is the power button my choice When you take on a new role, a long press is another way to access the Google Assistant. This means that Pixel phones need a new way to access the power menu, which Google solved by placing the power button just below the quick settings area. It is only visible when the quick settings are fully expanded and are in the form of a generic power logo to the right of the buttons for editing and setting.

Likewise, the Power menu no longer includes the Device Control and Wallet options that were a trademark of Android 11. Instead, when you first launch Android 12 Beta 2, you’ll find that your Quick Settings have been rearranged and that “Wallet” and “Device Control” In the third and fourth slots, respectively. This means that they will be visible every time you pull down the notification shade, which will help more people see that things have moved on.