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Queen's granddaughter (17 years old) takes care of Kate and Williams' children

Queen’s granddaughter (17 years old) takes care of Kate and Williams’ children

During the holidays, Lady Louise helps her cousin William and his wife Kate with the children. In doing so, it improves its already high popularity.

The basics in brief

  • Mrs. Louise looks after George, Charlotte and Louis during the holidays.
  • She is said to have a close relationship with Charlotte in particular.
  • The Queen’s granddaughter will graduate from school next summer.

As is the case almost every year, a large portion of the British spend it Royals Summer vacation in Scotland. It was this year Queen Elizabeth Officially at the summer residence in Balmoral Receive. She is also on the site Prince William And Kate Middleton With three children George (8), Charlotte (6) and Louis (3).

Their hands should be full of offspring. But they receive support from Mrs. Louise Windsor (17). She often becomes the Queen’s youngest granddaughter Also known as “The Queen’s Favorite”.

At Balmoral, she continues to work on her popularity. Like the French insiders expensive She reveals that she takes care of William and Kate’s children, respectively. Especially for Charlotte They must have a very close relationship.

It is said that the artistically talented Louise helped her second-rate niece with painting. Louise was very patient when Charlotte drew pictures of rabbits and deer, according to the insider.

Mrs. Louise lives less in the spotlight than most Royals. There is also little in the press about her parents Prince Edward (57 years old) and Duchess Sophie (56 years old). Louise should complete her initial training next summer and then go to university or start work.

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