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Queen of Pop Helen Fisher is looking for a million dollar contract

Queen of Pop Helen Fisher is looking for a million dollar contract

Helen Fischer fans can look forward to a music revamp, as her new album “Rausch” will be released in mid-October.

Philip von Dietforth / D

She is the most successful singer in Germany. Now Helen Fisher makes her fans even tighter: she has signed a new million-dollar contract with her record company.

Helen Fisher’s bank account is certainly happy with this deal: Universal Music is paying her in the millions.

Several big record labels have courted the German star with lucrative offers, he writes “picture”. But this now wants to remain loyal to Universal.

The Fischer / Universal collaboration began in 2005, and since then the singer has sold more than 16 million albums.

Respect and perseverance

Fischer himself explains the current step Your Instagram account:

“For me, a good and successful collaboration consists of mutual trust, professionalism, respect, consistency, and one more thing that you are willing to break with each other. With Universal, they have been able to work together really well for many years.”

The singer is looking forward to realizing new projects together and implementing innovative ideas in the future. “We consider ourselves lucky to continue this great collaboration over the long term,” says Global President Frank Bregman at BILD.

Million dollar contract or not, fans will be happier, however, there will soon be musical fittings from Helen Fisher. On the 15th of October you will do it New album “Rauch” Appears. It is also certain that the 37-year-old will be working again in 2022.