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Queen Letizia is an outcast in the palace

Queen Letizia is an outcast in the palace

Queen Letizia (51 years old) of Spain is under severe attack. She is said to have cheated on her husband, King Felipe (56), several times, including her former brother-in-law. It is said that the king was aware of the matter and was informed by bodyguards. This is what journalist Jaime Peñafiel wrote in his book “The Silence of Letizia” and strongly criticized the Queen.

According to the expert, the persistent rumors about this issue are not without consequences for the king. She was condemned to loneliness because of her “irresponsible behavior,” Peñafiel wrote. She was shunned in the palace and the royal family would not speak to her unless they had to.

Letizia is said to have accepted this behavior from the royal family: she remains silent, the author writes. He describes their behavior as “submissive” and “submissive.”

Before that, she was said to have set the tone in the palace. But she could no longer afford “the luxury of appearing in such an arrogant, distant way.” According to the expert, this style was “like their trademark.”

Letizia is severely attacked for the alleged affairs, and Felipe is portrayed as a victim. Peñafiel writes that the king was “cast into hell” over these matters and that he was “broken and ruined.” But he's not supposed to be too serious about loyalty either: according to a Spanish magazine, he's reportedly having an affair.