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Queen Elizabeth writes a letter to her little lookalike

Queen Elizabeth writes a letter to her little lookalike

A little American woman dressed up as Queen Elizabeth for Halloween – and immediately received a letter from London.

The basics in brief

  • Little Galen dressed up as Queen Elizabeth for Halloween.
  • Her mother sent a picture of the girl with the dogs to Buckingham Palace.
  • The Queen sent a letter saying she thought the outfit was great.

The two don’t look confusingly alike. Perhaps the age difference is the reason for this. But Queen Elizabeth (95) loved her husband’s outfit anyway.

According to British media, Galen (1) was raised by her parents On Halloween as a queen disguised. post on Facebook social networking site The one-year-old is shown with a light blue coat and matching hat. Pearl necklaces, white wigs and gloves make the perfect queen. Next to the little two dogs – same breedWho also loves Queen Elizabeth.

the MotherA fan of Queen Elizabeth of Ohio posted a picture of her daughter at Buckingham Palace. And in fact I got an answer.

“The Queen has asked me to write to you and thank you for the letter,” wrote a woman waiting for the Queen. She was very happy with the photo. She described the children’s clothes as “cool”.

The little queen can doppelganger Halloween Although it is not turned on Royal bodyguard protection Counting. But she was personally protected by Superman.

Do you like Halloween?

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