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Queen Elizabeth is buried with only two pieces of jewelry

Queen Elizabeth is buried with only two pieces of jewelry

A royal expert is convinced that Queen Elizabeth (96) will be buried with only two pieces of jewelry: her wedding ring and a pair of pearl earrings.


The basics in brief

  • What jewelry will be placed in the coffin of the late queen?
  • An expert is convinced that the Majesty is buried only with a ring and earrings.
  • She left her extensive jewelry collection as a legacy to the kingdom.

At her coronation, Queen Elizabeth (96) wore a bejeweled tiara and sceptre with the world’s largest white diamond. But on her last voyage The humble queen would probably be on the outside with very little jewellery.

As one royal expert imagines, Her Majesty the Queen may only be buried in two pieces. Opposite “,” said Lisa Levinson: “The Queen is unlikely to be buried with anything other than her simple wedding ring and a pair of pearl earrings. “

The Director of Communications for the Natural Diamond Council stated that the Queen was an “incredibly humble woman”. Levinson also opened up about the deceased’s engagement ring. That’s probably Daughter, Princess Anne (72) According to Levinson.

The ring contains diamonds in a crown of the Queen’s Mother-in-law. She gave her wedding ring to the queen after her parents gave it to her wedding Given in 1923. This started a royal tradition of forging wedding rings in Welsh gold.

Queen Elizabeth leaves behind a large collection of jewelry

The late Queen Elizabeth (96) private jewelry collection includes about 300 pieces. Including about 98 brooches, 34 pairs of earrings and 15 rings. The pieces are kept in the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Meanwhile, Her Majesty’s official crown jewels are kept in the Tower of London. The collection dates back to the 17th century and includes more than 23,000 diamonds, rubies and rubies.

Will you watch the Queen’s funeral on TV?

Royal expert Levinson said most of the jewelry is likely to remain in the royal collection. Her Majesty’s life has always “revolved around the heritage of the royal family”. “Your jewelry is an integral part of this legacy.”

The state funeral for Queen Elizabeth will be held in Westminster Abbey on Monday. By this time she was in her oak coffin for four days It is located in Westminster Hall.

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