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Queen Elizabeth invites Harry and Meghan to her summer residence

Queen Elizabeth invites Harry and Meghan to her summer residence

Queen Elizabeth makes a peace offer to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: She invites royal family dropouts to the summer residence of Balmoral Castle.

The basics in brief

  • Queen Elizabeth spends the summer at Balmoral Castle as usual.
  • Now she invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle there.
  • According to insiders, it is the perfect place to spend time together.

Center Revelations by biographer Tom Power Queen Elizabeth, 96, makes a peace offer: invites dropouts from the royal family Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40) In their summer residence Balmoral Castle. This is what the British newspaper “The Sun On Sunday” reported.

A source at the castle in northern Scotland says: ‘The staff have been told that they are all the Royal family You should expect. included Prince HarryAnd the Meghan Markle and kids archery (3) and Lilipt (1). » The servants were preparing everything for the Sussex family.

Queen Elizabeth usually spends her summer vacation at Balmoral Castle. usually Invite family membersTo enjoy the cold Scottish summer with it. Thursday did you get there It will remain for the next ten weeks.

The summer estate is the perfect place for the King, Harry and Meghan to spend time together. Because on Jubilee, their last home visit, they only had about 15 minutes, an insider knows. At Balmoral, the Queen also had plenty of time to get to know her granddaughter better.

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