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Queen Elizabeth II mourns her best friend

Queen Elizabeth II mourns her best friend

It has never been easier for Queen Elizabeth II. Now the Queen has to say goodbye again…

The basics in brief

  • Queen Elizabeth mourns her best friend.
  • Sir Timothy James died at the age of 91.

Now you should be strong (again)!

after this would you like to from the husband Prinz Philip In April, the Queen has to part with the next lover. Her boyfriend and longtime companion Sir Timothy James has passed away at the age of 91. This has now been reported by the English “Daily Mail”.

Lady Mary Colman († 88, his late wife) was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II (95).

The Queen and Mrs. Coleman spent a lot of time together not only in their childhood. The Queen, Lady and James were often seen together in public in their old age.

By the way, Sir Timothy James lived in Norfolk. He descends from the Coleman family, which was known as the English manufacturer of mustard and sauce.

A friend of Queen Elizabeth II studied at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and served as a lieutenant in the Royal Navy until 1953.

So late summer couldn’t be quieter for the English leader either. Her son is standing now too Prins Andrew (61) In the scandal of ill-treatment in New York Tennis Court.

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