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Queen Elizabeth Finds Prince Charles 'Very Difficult'

Queen Elizabeth Finds Prince Charles ‘Very Difficult’

differences? There is even the English royal family. This time there is a crisis between Prince Charles and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Charles and his mother have a difficult relationship.
  • The Queen applauds Charles’ hard work.
  • On the other hand, you bitterly face his extravagance.

It is difficult, extravagant, accompanied by a little stubbornness!

Will Prince Charles (72) reach the English throne? He is in the stars property.

It seems certain, however, that his relationship with his mother Queen Elizabeth The second. (95) is difficult. This has now been reported by someone who should know.

Margaret Rhodes, the King’s cousin, spoke to royal author Giles Brandreth (73) in 2004. According to “”, she spoke from the sewing box.

“I was in Birkhall when he was there,” Margaret says. “Prince Charles is very conscientious, very committed.”

Then: “He ate dinner and went back to work. He works hard, but then he’s very wasteful.”

And that’s exactly what the Queen seems to be bitter about. “She finds Charles very difficult,” the cousin continued. “It’s wasteful and she doesn’t like it.”

The future heir to the throne is said to have inherited this penchant for luxury from his ancestors. It is also said that Queen Mom (101) liked to gossip.

“The amount of equipment and personnel that Charles is carrying is outrageous,” the relative continued.

Are these the right traits for a future king?

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