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Queen Elizabeth describes Duchess Kate's underwear

Queen Elizabeth describes Duchess Kate’s underwear

I’m sorry what you read that right: Queen Elizabeth II tells Prince Williams’ wife Kate what to wear under her fancy dress.

The basics in brief

  • Define the wardrobe yourself? puff cake!
  • The Queen even tells the Duchess Kate what to wear underneath.

Open your eyes when buying clothes!

It’s no secret that the English royal family is rife with rules and regulations. But it’s true: The Duchess Kate, 39, has described the underwear she should be wearing.

Not from her husband Prince William (39). number! Queen Elizabeth II (95) sets the tone in the Duchess’ wardrobe – lingerie included.

So Queen Elizabeth has sentenced Kate to always wear tight-fitting underwear. It is alleged that the queen herself demands that such underwear be cut tightly from the chest to the knees.

Additionally, in order to counteract the embarrassing revelation, Kate is not allowed to wear airy clothes. This could pose a high risk that a gust of wind could expose their underwear.

What do you think of Duchess Kate’s dress?

And the ban list goes on! It is said that Duchess Kate was encouraged not to wear pants in public. Jeans in particular should be avoided.

But with this wife rule Prince William vigorously rebelled. Kate will see this dress code as “misogynistic” too.

By the way, the youngest members of the royal family have to adhere to a strict dress code. Prince George (8) and his little brother Prince Louis (3) must show themselves in public, mostly in shorts. The reason: The antiquity must convey a conservative awareness of tradition and the preservation of ancient values.

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