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Qualification decline, but “mega race speed” in Australia

Qualification decline, but “mega race speed” in Australia

( – For Alfa-Romeo, this Formula 1 season got off to a fantastic start with the first double point victory after Imola 2020. At the start of the season, Voltaire Potas finished sixth. Team-mate and newcomer Guanyu Chow also took a point.

Valteri Potas again finished eighth for Alfa Romeo

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The pace was right in Saudi Arabia too: Potas reached Q3 again, but was knocked out of the race. In Melbourne last weekend, no driver entered the final qualifying round, ending the 103-run line-up of the top 10 qualifying results for Potos.

Finn cited the decision to use a smaller rear wing as a possible reason after the removal of the fourth TRS zone. He hung on to the race Long behind Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll Sure, but still managed to finish eighth, while Zhou missed points in eleventh.

Vasseur: I lost a lot of time behind Lance Stroll

Alfa Romeo captain Frederic Vasseur said the team’s pace matched the performances of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, but admitted: “It was a lagging step in qualifying. I think we threw Q2.”

“But Q1 was very good. We were sixth. And the racing speed was good. The problem was that we lost too much time on the track, especially after the stroll,” Vasur analyzed the race. “But overall I’m very happy with the pace, including Ju’s speed, because he was so good.”

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“I think it’s a good weekend for us, the first two weeks in a row. We need to be a little more talented in Q2, then we’ll start at a better level, it’s going to be our weekend. Overall I think we had a good weekend.” The team manager was satisfied.

Alpha is confident in the next races

After McLaren advanced to fourth place thanks to fifth and sixth place in Melbourne, Potassium’s points put Alfa Romeo in sixth place at the Constructors Championship.

Vasur admitted earlier that his team was “a little worried” about how they would play in Melbourne. So the speed of the race will give you more confidence: “I’m a little more confident in the next two or three races because we have good updates. It’s good.”