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Qatar represents US interests in Afghanistan

Qatar will represent US interests in Afghanistan after the closure of the US embassy in Kabul. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen met with his Qatari counterpart Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani in Washington on Friday. Blinken said the UAE would set up part of its embassy in Afghanistan to provide some diplomatic services to the United States. The Gulf Emirate will also oversee the security of US embassies in Afghanistan.

Briefly essential

  • There are similar agreements in other parts of the world where the United States does not have its own local embassy.

For example, the Swiss embassy in Tehran represents US interests in Iran.

With the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan at the end of August, the United States abandoned its diplomatic presence and is currently transferring them to Qatar. The Gulf Emirate has already played a key role in relation to Afghanistan in the past: among other things, US-US talks Taliban Guided there. Qatar also played a key role in the expulsion of American citizens from Afghanistan. Militant Islamist Taliban Has been back in power in Afghanistan since the end of August.

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