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Psychonauts 2: The update brings new challenges

Psychonauts 2: The update brings new challenges

New update for the game “Psychonauts 2”. This brings additional combat challenges and a filter to find all collectibles.

The basics in brief

  • “Psychonauts 2” received a new update on Tuesday.
  • This brings a feature that makes it easy to find all the collectibles.
  • In addition, the stability of the game has been improved and new challenges have been added.

Anyone who has set themselves a goal of playing Psychonauts 2 from the ground up will be delighted. new Update from developer Double Fine Easy for players to find collectibles.

The feature is Available for all game endingswho finished the main campaign. Then you can buy a so-called “Otto Spot Filter” for the in-game camera. This highlights all collectible items and makes it easy to find the last card.

Developer Double Fine announced the new update for “Psychonauts 2”.

In addition, “Psychonauts 2” receives additional combat challenges at the Otto Lab. This presents a new challenge to everyone who has already reached the highest level.

In addition to these innovations, many bugs in the game have been improved with the update. the game For PC, PS4 and Xbox It should now run more stable. The patch has been available for download since Tuesday.

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