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PS5 disk version புதிய with new model number found in Australia

A new PS5 model has been unveiled in Australian stores. This is a disk version with an improved screw.

In July, Sony released the first edition of its next gen console. According to the appropriate manual, the digital version of the PS5 should be 300g lighter and you should use a special screw that attaches the console to the stand provided.

In Australia, this new model is said to have been invented in the store – but in the disc version, just like the Australian website Press Start According to the site, the new model number CFI-1102A is present in the current stock of PS5 acquired in Australia this week.

For example, Press Start provides a photo of the new model number and a comparison between the old metal screw and the new screw. So it looks like Sony made this change for the more expensive disk version.

Lie down or stand up? What do you want?

The Australian website has confirmed this information by the customer. The site has not yet verified the weight of the new PlayStation 5. Nothing can be said about the internal values ​​of the newborn console.

Henceforth, all other PS5 consoles going to gamers in Australia should be this new model. Let’s see how long it takes to see the updated version in Germany.

The new digital model has the model number CFI-1100B, the original model CFI-1000B number and weighs 3.6 kg instead of 3.9 kg. In Japan, the slimmer version of the smaller PS5 should be in the next sales round Presented by Toby.

While some players are still waiting to pick up one of Sony’s rare consoles (hello!), The manufacturer has already sent new models to some markets. There is no trace of an official announcement.

However, these findings are not surprising because Sony had already talked about possible hardware changes in April and said that a specific PS5 model was planned for 2022 in May. No one would care if this kind of question appears a little earlier, right?