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PS5 and PS4 games: Best deals and offers

PS5 and PS4 games: Best deals and offers

PS5 and PS4 games are constantly dropping

Need some new PS5 games? Or a new food for your Playstation 4? Amazon & Co. has a wide selection of the best titles that are regularly discounted. You must grab these current strikes!

Hades: Buy a roguelike game very cheap now on Amazon

One of the best games of the past two years is now available at 47 percent off: “Hades” by Supergiant Games It was only released in August for the PlayStation 5 and has been an inspiration to everyone who loves fast-paced action and beloved characters ever since. In a roguelike, you play as Zagreus, the son of the chief of the underworld Hades, and you want to get out of the mythical hell and into your own home. But the road to the surface to the human world is arduous and the hosts of the underworld oppose you mercilessly. It’s good that you can count on powerful weapons and help the family of the gods on Olympus: both Zeus and his company are a little special in a different way, but their magical gifts are very useful! And if you fail on the way, you crawl out of the bloody waters of Dead River Styx at home, straighten your hairstyle, chat with Achilles and other mythical characters from antiquity – and throw yourself into battle again.

PS5 open world games are cheap now on amazon

If you are into beautiful open game worlds, you should now “Ghost Cut Out Tsushima” Increase: The popular game has been reduced by more than 20 euros – You pay only €54.95.

In the action adventure from Sucker Punch Productions, you play as samurai Jin Sakai, who in the 13th century had to defend the Japanese island of Tsushima from the attacking Huns. Given the hostile superiority, he is forced to stray from the honorable and Persian ideal of a samurai and fight with cunning and cunning. Not only katanas are available to you in battles but also ninja techniques like bombs, hook, and stealth attacks are available to you. Fans of the open world make their money thanks to the beautiful nature of Tsushima Island.

You can now also get cheap “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”. The latest in Ubisoft’s epic game series Now it costs only € 37.99 in Auto You can save 46 percent compared to RRP.

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In the final part of Assassin’s Creed, you travel as a Viking from Norway to England, where you have found a new settlement and are looking for allies in different parts of the island. You will explore a huge open world with beautiful landscapes, where meadows and forests alternate with remnants of Roman occupation and newly built cities of the Anglo-Saxons. Journeys to the mysterious worlds of the Vikings are in the program as well – the best you can do is find out for yourself how this fits right in with the historically inspired approach of the “AC” series.

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You can get these PS4 games cheap now

You can now also get cheap supplies for your PS4. These game deals for Playstation 4 are cheap now:


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